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AFTER 24 YEARS at the corner of Delmar and  Old Bonhomme...

our store is now closed. 
If you have something in need of repair, please contact Bob Jacobson at Electric Train Outlet on Page Blvd, just west of I-170, in Overland, MO. 
We have enjoyed getting to know our customers, introducing a new generation of kids (of all ages!) to trains, and have made some wonderful friends. Thanks to everyone for your kindness and support over the years! Keep in touch with us.   
Please note: customers who ordered from us last fall can request a 2014 Lionel Volume 2 catalogue. They have an October 10 deadline for this issue. Drop us an e-mail for more info. Thank you.

"Even the worst of beaches will never let you down."
Jimmy Buffett






Steve relaxing in front of a 'pickers' market' on Centre. Everything for sale except...toy trains!

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