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What is the Best Smart Phone in 2019?

It is very hard to pick the best smartphone because there are so many good phones to choose from. 2019, has seen many companies launching incredible models which makes it even harder for one to decide which one they should go with. But which phone is the king in the castle? And is there even a winner? Keep reading to find that out.

Smartphone Buying Guide

Before we tell you of our top picks, it’s essential that you understand that when it comes to phones and other consumer electronics, it is not a one shoe size fits all affair. The best phone for you may not be someone else’s. That is why when buying a phone, it is important that you consider these five things: design, features, ease of use, performance, and quality.

It is also essential that you ask yourself do you want an iPhone or an Android phone. Of course, there are other mobile phone operating systems, but these two are the common ones. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, moving your contacts and data from one to another is easy. However, the paid for apps can’t be shared. Thus, it’s crucial that you bear this in mind when considering a change of platform.

Our Top Picks

1. iPhone XS Max

This is the best smartphone money can buy. You may think that $1099 is so much money to pay for just a phone, but wait till you get the ginormous and gorgeous 6.5 inch OLED display, high-quality cameras and the quickest processor you’ve ever come across with. And that’s not all. We are wowed with its larger canvas for watching videos, split screen view that works with certain apps and a battery that can store charge for hours. iPhone XS Max is the right phone to have for people who aren’t planning to buy another communication device in the next 2 to 3 years.

2. Huawei P30 Pro

For picture lovers, don’t look further than this gorgeous phone. We love it because of the four rear camera set-up. It enables you to not only to capture photos, but you can also zoom and lower the light still while taking the pictures. Huawei, being one of the largest phones manufactures in the world impressed us with this model that features a sleek design and impressive battery life. Well, this is not exactly a cheap phone. However, considering you get 128GB storage space and a fingering scanner, and all the specs we’ve discussed above, it’s undoubtedly worth your money.

3. Google Pixel 3

On the outside the phone is quite attractive, the back is all glass and is frosted to hide fingerprints and scratches more easily than other phones. The phone has everything a regular smartphone user may need. It is lightweight, and its performance is unmatchable. Google pixel 3 presents you with a 5.5-inch FHD +OLED screen. But the most compelling reason why we recommend this phone is the software experience which compared to all other android phones is the best. All Google features such as Gmail’s smart compose are found on this phone, and everything else from the operation to the animation is just incredible.

If you are looking for a smartphone to buy in 2019, we suggest that you try any of the mentioned above. And as always, consider your needs when buying a phone. If you love taking pictures then definitely you should be looking for a device with a good camera. On the other hand, if you’ll need to store large files in your phone, you know a device with many GBs is the right one for you.

The Best Data Recovery Service In Dallas

It happens to everyone at some point – the data on their technical device is somehow unattainable. Rather than panic and try to fix the issue yourself, the better option is to call a professional to handle the problem. After all, professionals are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to adequately address the data loss in a timely manner. Those who live in the Dallas area, and are looking for a data recovery service in Dallas, may want to consider Data Analyzers as their go-to data recovery service for the following reasons:

  • Trained and Equipped to Provide Premium Services

First, one of the most important qualities to look for in a service, and which this service has, is that a team of trained professionals is on hand to address your data-recovery needs. The team here has longstanding experience restoring data due to any circumstance. With the team’s experience and knowledge, those who hire them can feel confident that they are making the right decision.

  • A Range of Services are Available

Second, Data Analyzers provides a range of services not only for individuals, but for businesses as well. A few of the services include data recovery, data storage, digital forensics, cyber security, and so much more. Those who are interested in viewing the wide-range of services available can do so through their website.

  • A Certified Business

Third, Data Analyzers has received the necessary certification proving their knowledge, quality, and experience concerning data recovery. The certification ensures that, should you hire the team, you can be certain they’ll provide the quality service and resolution necessary for you to continue using your technology and accessing your data without issue.

  • Fast Service

Finally, those who choose Data Analyzers can expect fast service – not only because the team responds quickly, but also because their experience and knowledge concerning data-loss is wide-ranging and in-depth. The team is able to quickly pinpoint the data problem and address it in a timely manner.

Overall, those who are looking for a quality data recovery service in Dallas may want to consider Data Analyzers as their go-to option. Those who are interested in learning more about the service, or wish to call the team in case of a data recovery issue, can do so by visiting their website.

Undelete Software – Does It Work?

Like it or not, data loss is inevitable whether you did it by accident, you’ve just thought that you no longer need the file or data. There are several reasons why frequent data loss occurs such as virus attacks, improper operation, the system is failing or hard drive formatting.

Whatever the case, you should not let this happen especially if you are working on a complex task such as finance, banking, case study, etc. Undeleting, on the other hand, allows you to recover what you’ve just lost with just a few clicks. Here are easy and safe steps on how you can retrieve your lost data from your computer using undelete software.

Detecting Data Lost
In case you are not sure where and how you lost the files, you can always count on undeleting software. Undelete can execute complete target scan on specific disk or location. Whether you are using multiple partition disk drive, dual disk drive, or your memory stick, all you need to do is to click the scan button and detection will be executed automatically. In fact, the system will automatically detect and retrieves even the impossible and hidden files you need to recover.

Deeper Scan Undelete Software Feature
Aside from the full scan feature, undelete software also includes a deeper scan. When it seems that the undelete scan is not working, then your next option to retrieve your data would be the deeper scan. The undelete deep scan technology will do all the working by tracking down all the deleted files. This enables you to locate and retrieve the data you need that could have been deleted or lost for years.

 When You Recovered Your Data?
As soon as you recovered your data, the lost files will be featured and scanned whether it is in good or poor condition. You’ll be seeing a message box that will inform you whether the file can be restored or there have been activities whereas it was overwritten.

Apply Precautionary Measures
Now that your files or data are back and in place,it is better not to repeat the same mistake. Therefore, always make sure archiving the files especially if these are important. Make the most out of the internet such as Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, VPN and external drives such as flash drives or external hard disk. As a professional, it pays to always make soft copies using PDF and print copies.

Even The Best Computer Hardware Will Be Outdated Quickly

Choosing the Best Hardware for You
If you are always on your computer and always using it, then you may have thought of upgrading your computer and choosing the computer with the best hardware. There are many specific characteristics of good computer hardware and you should consider those in order for you to choose the best computer hardware. So what are the characteristics that you should consider if you want to have the best hardware for your computer? Here are some of them:

  1. The computer should have a large ROM or storage. Since you will always be working on your computer, you will be storing many files there so it should be able to provide you with a large storage.
  2. The computer should have a large RAM storage. This is very important because it plays a large part in the performance of your computer. If you have a large RAM, your computer will be able to run smoothly.
  3. The parts of the computer should be able to endure a long time of use so that you can use your computer anytime you need and as much as you need.

Having the Best Hardware
Once you have chosen the hardware that you think is the best, then you may be too comfortable and think that they will not fail until after a long time. However, you should not think that. Today, the technology is moving so fast and almost every hour, there are new inventions and upgrades happening. Hence, you should know that no matter how good the hardware you have now, it will still be outdated quickly.

Since the best computer hardware you have now can easily be outdated, you should be prepared to upgrade your hardware and you should know what you can in order to upgrade it instead of completely disposing it and replacing everything with a new one.

Upgrading Your Hardware
If you are going to upgrade your hardware, you should at least all the basics in everything that you have. You should know how the CPU is working, the keyboard, the touchpad, etc.; this is really important because this will help you determine what you should do in order to upgrade it. On the other hand, if you cannot determine them yourself, you may ask experts to help you on what you should do for you to upgrade your hardware once it gets outdated.


Have To Replace A Hard Drive? Think About Going SSD

We all have our own flash drives or thumb drivers where we can save portions of small files. We can bring those everywhere and they can manage a few gigs of data or information. It is best if we know what to do with them to limit the risks we can get to not being able to take care of it. If it is already hard to recover some data in a simple thumb drive, what more with a hard drive. However, that is not always the case, sometimes, you just need to face the fact that you need to move on to the fact that you already lost all of your data in the hard drive and just start replacing it.

You Need To Have An Option
We all are continuously upgrading what we have a technology. Making computers and laptops are getting more and more advanced and it is best if we have our own slice of the technological advancements around us for our personal computers. We all now have some SSD or Solid State Drives for consumer use and it makes everything fast and improves our build in a largely different manner.

The Best Option To Replace Your HDD
Your HDD or Hard Disk Drive might have its own large memory that can be possible to hold one terabyte of memory or more. Your HDD might be able or capable to do that but it can still have the same problems as before and its speed might not be that fast as the Solid State Drive. The SDD we are talking about in the news and even in what people talk about in other events is its powerful and fast capability to organize and access memory.

What Is The Difference?
We all know that you need to replace hard drive of your computer and you only can choose between two choices, you can either get another HDD or you can get the SSD. However, it is best to consider the SSD

The SSD already is working like a memory stick. You have nothing to worry about any moving parts because the memory or the data is already stored in microchips that are inside the whole stick. It is more advanced than the mechanical arm of the hard disk drive. That is why it is wise to choose the SSD more than the hard drive if performance is the key.

Protecting Data: What You Should Do Ahead Of Time

Having data in your computer seemed safe already. What if someone accessed your computer? They might see what is your credit card or maybe even stole your IDs. In this way, protecting data is important. If you want to keep your files safe, it is better to know what ways are the best. It is better to know the ways than doing nothing for it at all.

Why is protecting data important?
Protecting your data is important because your files are more important than it seems. Since it is the age of the new technology, documents and files are scanned and converted to a portable file in the desktop or even in a laptop. These files can be secured by giving the document or the folders a password. It is the importance of data protection.

What are the ways to protect important files and data?
There are varieties of things to do for protecting your data. These are all effective and can secure your data in a safe place. Here are the ways that can help you. You can do all for more safety but it is the best to keep the files secured in the safest way.

Placing password on your folders
In this way, you can set passwords in your folders. Also, other than passwords, you can try setting a permission wherein selected users can access your files. This applies if you have a shared network. Setting permissions and passwords can get you to know who accesses and who knows how to open your files.

Back up files in a scheduled time
Keeping your data safe is not always about setting passwords and keeping them hidden. It is also best for your files to be backed up. This can save you from data loss and it will also keep your data secured. You’ll still have a copy if it was deleted or stolen by somebody.

Keeping your documents password safe
Documents can be set with passwords. This can help your files secure not just from your computer but also in everywhere you can transfer the data. It can be secured with a password even if it’s in a USB drive or even a hard drive. It is quite different with setting permission in folders, because with permission, you can get selected users to open it. Setting passwords in documents can be opened by anyone as long as they know the password.

What Is Considered A “Data Emergency?”

Data Emergency: What It Is
Data emergency may not be familiar with those who do not work with information technology but it is an easy term to understand. It can also be referred to as a data-related emergency and refers to a situation which constitutes an emergency when it comes to the integrity and availability of data.

Data-related emergencies are a very modern concept due to the high reliance of people to digital or computer data nowadays. This high reliance leads to data emergencies being a serious problem especially when the emergency occurs on a large scale which affects a number of people and how they are able to function.

Data Emergency Situations
Not all situations constitute as a data emergency because if all situations immediately constituted an emergency related to data loss or management, tech support groups would have a harder time trying to solve the number of so-called ‘emergencies’ and be delayed from actually addressing serious emergencies. Consider the following situations which fall under data emergencies.

  • Cyber attacks via malware, hacking, etc.
  • Compromised cybersecurity resulting in unauthorized access, use, and distribution of sensitive data and information
  • System and data interruption due to either man made or natural disasters
  • Data loss due to either man made or natural disasters
  • Data loss with regards to sensitive information

A common characteristic of the situations which would fall under data emergencies is that they are situations which give rise to serious problems related to loss of data, interruptions to necessary system functions, and loss of data integrity. Furthermore, they all happen on a big-scale such as when it happens to a system used by the government for important purposes. As such, there are often teams, procedures, and tools made specifically to address data emergencies.

Data Emergency: How To Address?
Addressing a data emergency by being ready for it is a very common practice. As such, the establishment of protocols which deal with data emergencies as well as the team or group assigned to manage such and the tools which can be used is a basic response. Different areas would have different ways of addressing data emergencies but the basics remain the same.

The establishment of such allows for the easy, hassle-free, and expedient address of data emergencies which allow systems and data management to resume their normal functions in the shortest amount of time possible. Once again, this is very important nowadays due to the reliance on digital data.

Is It Easy To “Uncorrupt” A Corrupted Hard Drive?

Corrupted files are they are the plague, they make files unusable and while still taking the same storage as before, what’s worst it that they can even affect other files and cause the drive to go corrupt itself.  There are different reasons why hard drives get corrupted; it may be due to viruses, improper firmware, overheating, power surges, and mechanical failure.  There are several ways in order to make the hard drive work again, but the majority of the options are simply there to fix the hard drive, all data will be erased.

If a person has corrupted hard drive but has files in there that he/she wants to be recovered, the available options become a lot smaller. One way of recovering the files from a corrupted hard drive would be to first transfer the corrupted files to a drive and then reformat the corrupted drive. After that recovering the repairing the corrupted files can be done.

Make Sure To Check the Computer Itself
One reason why a hard disk may have been corrupted is viruses; the computer of the user may have viruses that made the files corrupt. Make sure to also check the computer for any viruses. All a person has to do to would have to do would be to scan his/her computer using anti-virus software and turn all of the security features of the system. If the computer was found to be filled with viruses, then one should reformat the pc or find a solution to clean the virus. Never insert the clean hard drive on a corrupted computer as it can easily affect the drive.

Repairing Hard Drives Are Not For the Average Person
The process of repairing a corrupted hard drive is no easy matter, a person would have to not only checked the hard drive but also the entire computer in order to make sure that the drive makes full recovery. Also repairing corrupted files are already hard, what more for a whole hard drive.

Although there are many software out there that advertise to repair files and hard drives, going to a data recovery specialist is always the recommended way to recover and repair hard drives. The corruption of hard drives has many different possible causes; software which only does a specific number of an algorithm can only do so much. In fact, using repair software may actually make the corrupted file even harder to repair and recover.

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